Photographer / Artist

Jose F. Costa

CAS is an architecture studio founded by Alina Jerónimo and Paulo Carneiro that follows a working strategy towards sustainability: a balance of social, cultural, environmental and economical factors in the design process.

Our vision is to improve the lives of people and communities, creating healthier buildings and cities in balance with nature.

Our mission is to design and build with environmentally friendly materials recovering and improving ancient craftworks and technologies, adapting them to our time confort requirements and relating people and environment in an integral system.

What we do:

  • continuous research in partnership with universities or enterprises, developing sustainable technologies related with natural/biobased materials (earth, lime, wood, bamboo,…), bioclimatic design.
  • rehabilitation and renovation of ancient buildings, using compatible materials and recovering/upgrading technologies, respecting environment and history.
  • new projects with a positive social and environmental impact.
  • design of utilitarian objects made of natural, ecological friendly and low carbon footprint materials.
  • workshops and expositions related with our research or projects.

Alina Jerónimo, 1981

She was born in Lisbon, received her Architecture Master degree from the Lusíada University in 2004 in Lisbon and began her professional career studying “Post-Pombalino” buildings  where she supervised the construction works of wattle and daub techniques and anti-seismic structures.

In Barcelona she worked in small and large projects scale in several architecture and different studios such as Ramon Sanabria, Arturo Frediani, Josep Mias and AldayJover.

During this time she began a personal research and strong interest in sustainable architecture and mainly in earth architecture and eco materials, starting to work in partnership with Paulo Carneiro until the present time.

In 2010 she entered in the post-master “Earth Architecture – Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development” in CRATerre Institute, France.

With Paulo and “Architecture for Humanity”, she designed, trained 40 people and built a community centre for 3000 children in Manica town in Mozambique. This was made with local materials such as earth, wood and bamboo. For this process they both lived in Manica for 18 months.

Paulo Carneiro, 1980

Accredited and a registered Architect, from Portugal, studied in Porto Faculty of Architecture (FAUP) in 1999-2006. He started his professional experience in Barcelona, where he worked for 6 years in the following architecture studios: Enric Miralles / Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT), Ramón Sanabria and Alfredo Arribas.

During this time until the present began a research in sustainable architecture in partnership with Alina Jerónimo. He has a post master degree in “ Earth Architecture – Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development” in CRAterre Institute, France.

In the last years among different projects, together with Alina Jerónimo he collaborated with Architecture for Humanity, in the project of designing and building a community centre in Mozambique, improving local construction knowledge with earth technologies through technical training of the local community.

Together they created the CAS studio based in Lisbon and intervening locally and globally.