project: 2009

construction: –

built area: 850 sq.m

location: Igbo-Ora, Nigeria

photography/drawings: United Twins of the World, David Emeka Odumade, Alina Jerónimo + Paulo Carneiro

project description:

In 2009, UNITED TWINS OF THE WORLD, a non-profit organization contacted CAS with the desire to build a primary school for children in Igbo-Ora town, on the Oyo state, 80 kilometers north from Lagos, in South-Western Nigeria. The unusual large number of twin births in the region have earned the town the nickname “Twin Capital of the World”. In a region where only 43% of the population knows how to write and there is only one teacher available for every 39 students it’s an urgent need to build schools (UTOW). CAS designed a school that could respond to local needs and could integrate the local community in the construction building respecting social, economic and environmental aspects.

existing school

03_igbo ora copy

new project

C2 P5_PLANTA situation copyC2 P6_PLANTA copyC2 P7_SECCAO copyC2 P8_ALÇADO copy20_Primary School in Igbo-Ora_model