REEDCOB – ecological technology

REEDCOB is an ecological building technology invented and developed between CAS and Engineer Fernando Cartaxo based on ancient vernacular knowledge.

To develop and assess this technology, it was created a partnership between CAS, the Faculty of Science and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon (Prof. Eng. Paulina Faria) and the lime transformation enterprise FRADICAL (Eng. Fernando Cartaxo).

This technology combines the use of earth, reed cane (Arundo Donax, an invasive species), reed fibers and air lime.

As a first important test, CAS organized a training workshop with a team of four  engineering students who participated in the construction of the prototype during 4 days.

The result was an earth and fiber cube built to be thermally and structurally assessed at the university throughout the year.

At this moment an architecture model is being developed by CAS to be build.